Camoter selective partners - SPECIAL TREATMENTS

Camoter selective partners

CAMOTER INTERNATIONAL offers the best solutions on the market thanks to twenty years of experience in the field.
The proposed technologies focus on specific customer needs to obtain maximum operability at the most competitive market prices.

Presses - Dryers


The PED press is designed to compact the material and reduce the moisture contained in the mixed plastic, polyethylene film and polypropylene from washing lines and paper mill pulp waste. By reducing the humidity from 30% to 10%, the material is increased in density for a throughput of up to 700 kg/h. of material.



The PEC centrifuge is a machine designed for the drying of plastic with a productivity of 1,500 kg/hour and with a moisture reduction from 30% to 8%. A special screw scrapes the drum and keeps it clean, ensuring the efficiency of the machine.