Camoter selective partners - Separators and screens

Camoter selective partners

CAMOTER INTERNATIONAL offers the best solutions on the market thanks to twenty years of experience in the field.
The proposed technologies focus on specific customer needs to obtain maximum operability at the most competitive market prices.


The PAS model is ideal in the separation of all materials, such as, to give just one example, the separation of the plastic film from bottles and containers in general. The treatment using PAS, thanks to the removal of any material that cannot be shredded, is the ideal solution for preserving the machinery used for the subsequent phases of fine grinding and granulation.


The PSS-R star screens in rubber separates the waste depending on the size of the material. These machines are typically used in the treatment of non stringy waste, like wood chips, bark, compost or peat substitute.


The POS model is conceived and designed for the separation of organic materials from the inorganic content in the MSW. At the end of the machining process, the organic material is thus purified of plastic and paper. POS machines represent the optimal solution in the pre-treatment of anaerobic digestion.